1 April 2016

TailGuard: Enhanced asset protection

The recent introduction of 50Max has brought an increase in vehicle length & capacity. This creates fresh challenges for the vehicle operator when manoeuvring in tight confined logistic environments or in the public domain.

Reversing a trailer is one of the most dangerous operating procedures. Therefore an immediate challenge presents itself to the vehicle operator now that the combinations are longer in length (up to 23 metres).

TailGuard is a major safety enhancement and is the most advanced reverse monitoring system on the NZ market. It forms part of WABCO’s Intelligent Trailer Program which provides the solution to help establish a zero accident working environment.

TailGuard reduces the risks when reversing by detecting small, large, static and moving objects in the blind spot behind the trailer, automatically stopping the vehicle at a safe distance. It has been designed to provide stress relief for drivers during reversing and help them avoid collisions with pedestrians, pallets, docking stations, gates, forklifts, fleet vehicles and any other object behind the trailer.

Utilising Multi-volt technology the system operates between 8-32 Volts. 

TailGuard is activated by engaging the reverse gear.

  • The side marker lamps on the trailer start to flash and provide a visual reference for the driver
  • Reversing speed is limited to 9 km/hour
  • Using ultrasonic sensors, TailGuard can detect objects behind the trailer. 
  • The frequency of the flashing marker lamps’ increases as the risk of collision increases
  • If an object comes within 50cm of the back of the trailer the marker lamps remain permanently lit & the trailer brakes apply automatically for 3 seconds
  • When the brakes release the driver can then reverse the last few centimetres to dock the trailer safely

Each TailGuard system comes with a Trailer Remote Control: A unique display and control unit that mounts in the cab of the truck.

  • Indicates distance to an object when TailGuard is activated
  • Sounds an alarm if an object is detected in the blind spot behind the trailer when reversing
  • The driver can control the EBS and trailer air suspension from the safety of the cab which also reduces loading and unloading turnaround times.
  • Replaces dashboard switches to activate trailer functions
  • Displays trailer axle weights
  • An acoustic alarm alerts the driver if the vehicle becomes overloaded
  • No extra cabling required between truck and trailer

Health & Safety is becoming a major focus as companies strive to reduce costs caused by lost time injuries and damage to capital equipment, the TailGuard, and WABCO’s Intelligent Trailer Program, looks beyond accident mitigation and towards accident prevention.

For more information on TailGuard and how WABCO’s Intelligent Trailer Program can help improve efficiency and driver comfort contact the team at Gough Transpecs.